Thoughts on corporate-startup collaboration

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Back in 2016 I contacted for the first time with the startup world and had no idea it would define my future. A couple of friends and I decided to embrace the challenge of one of those entrepreneurship classes that make you write a business plan for the next 5 years of an idea yet to be thought.

The team was young and naïve, but we kept motivated and the idea evolved to a concept we really wanted to build.

After months of research and trial & error, we managed to put up a prototype with the help of our…

Aiming at a successful collaboration with corporates

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Startups are living organisms in a constant and fast mutation. They’re on a mission to build the next groundbreaking product and solve a significant problem in peoples’ lives.

At some point, many of the existing startups, will try to sell their product to other companies. Those startups being a B2B native businesses or looking for a big client or industry knowledge before going direct to consumer, will need to collaborate with established corporations.

Startup-Corporate collaboration is a hot topic these days, many call it co-innovation. It can happen in any industry or sector and take different formats (CVC, Incubators/accelerators, Innovation/Experimentation…

New interfaces for customer engagement

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Retail has remained unchanged for many decades with little to no innovation being introduced into the sector. But the last 20 years brought a refreshing disruption to the way we shop, visit stores, interact with products, and are influenced to buy.

The rising of e-commerce, the reinvention of the store, and the technological features added to the shopping experience, represent opportunities for retailers to leverage the proximity to the customer.

Retailers do not have to keep trapped in TV commercials or social media adds. Now, brands have increasingly more direct channels to talk to each customer in the right moment…


Isn’t it counter-intuitive?

Amazon’s Dash Cart

Amazon is one of the most successful businesses in the world and we are used to its trend-setting moves and increasing online retail supremacy.

Jeff Bezos started the company back in 1994 surfing the first internet waves and overcoming the 2000’s dot com crisis that made the most promising companies shut down. Amazon is a digitally native company that begun selling books online when everybody else was building stores.

After two decades of thriving in the online world and pushing other businesses to the web, Amazon decided to go brick-and-mortar. …


This Is How a Good Innovation Course Looks Like

Bermix Studio,

Innovation is always a hot topic and everybody wants to be an innovator. Building new products, finding new opportunities and defying the status quo is crucial for today’s businesses but also for society in general as it improves our experience as customers, helps our planet and improves our lives.

Companies are increasingly seeking for well-formed professionals that not only present strong hardskills in engineering, design, or finance, but also are gifted with empathy, critical thinking and leadership. …

The Current Model Is Flopped and Dangerous

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The social media landscape is lead by the well-known Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Linkedin. Some of them (FB) have more monthly active users (2.45B) than some countries or even continents have habitants (Europe — 740M).

This is an overwhelming number and there’s no doubt regarding how embedded in our lives social media is. It is our second home where we spend 2 hours and 20 minutes per day, on average.

The business model of these companies is based on monetizing users attention and their data.

The operating model of these companies is a flop, at least at the eyes…

Higher Education

Several Top Tier Universities Are Going Online — Are Tuition Fees Going Down?

Honey Yaniel, Unsplash

Top universities from around the world can be very expensive with tuition fees escalating to amounts not suitable for every wallet. Students and their families struggle to finance a college degree in countries like the USA where public and private institutions can price their courses at as much as $49 350 and $59 430, respectively. Executive educational programs and other specific offers can even go further.

But the global pandemic brought disruption to one of the sectors that needs it the most. …

Innovation & Technology

Challenging Times Demand Bold Ideas

Innovation is known as a driver for change and a way to outperform competition. But in current times it’s been more and more important to make it an open process by seeking a common share of resources and knowledge. Organizations are now looking beyond their boarders and entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, engineers, students and general community are invited to take part of the building of new products and services.

Companies, nowadays, are increasingly more focused on their customers as they are the main catalysts for user-centered innovation. The current pandemic provides a good opportunity for finding the needs and pains that…

Crowd-sourced Innovation

Startups, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Coders, Freelancers, Scientists, Technologists and Students— This is for you!

The Power of the Crowd is an important driver for innovation and problem-solving for all organizations that want to commit to quality and long-term success. Established corporations, SMEs, non-profits and public organizations are using open and engaged online communities to solve their problems, see the example of NASA. These organizations are also known in the field as the Problem Owners.

Problem Owners interact with such communities and “fish” for solutions and technologies for a variety of reasons:

  • General technology/solution scouting
  • Solve a specific problem
  • Find talent for hiring purposes
  • Engage with general public/communities
  • Employer branding

Usually from the Problem Owner’s…

Important lessons to leverage the Power of the Crowd

Considering the current economic downturn, many companies are and will struggle to keep their heads afloat. Several business leaders and academics have been hypothesizing about the real impact of the global pandemic and suggesting different approaches to overcome it. Innovation comes immediately to the conversation and businesses can no longer ignore it as extinction is around the corner.

NASA is a pioneer organization in the innovation field and, even in a R&D-intensive industry, NASA has been developing new technologies and concepts by leveraging collaborative innovation. The aeroespacial industry showed how it can accomplish great results with the recent opening of…

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